Me and my brother, ca. 1954I am a former small business owner with an entrepreneurial attitude and capabilities. After owning and managing my own business for 21 years, I served in administrative positions for an advertising & design firm, Peter Harris & Associates and for a chamber music festival, the Yellow Barn Music School & Festival.

Since January of 2008, I have been business manager for Douglas Cox Violins in West Brattleboro, Vermont. I also accept clients for part-time, long-term and short-term contracts helping artists, creative people, and independent entrepreneurs with business-oriented tasks such as planning, marketing, promotion, business decisions and correspondence.

In addition, I do some business consulting and some basic website design and graphics for other clients and I help to manage the Windham Orchestra on a volunteer basis.

I'm skilled in major software programs on both PC and Mac platforms. I have a strong work ethic and a healthy sense of humor. I have excellent communication, interpersonal and problem-solving skills, and I welcome a challenge.

The start of my fiddling career, Vestbirk Hojskole, Denmark, 1972Life Experience & Interests

Since graduating from Sarah Lawrence College in 1974, I have continued my education through a rich life experience. I have two children: Sam is studying IT, and Rosa is an International Policy Analyst at Defenders of Wildlife in Washington DC.

I play fiddle and violin; for local dances, weddings, parties and family events. I am a member of the Windham Orchestra and play viola in an amateur string quartet (sometimes a quintet or sextet). I enjoy reading mysteries, I love silly movies, and I am a devoted flower gardener. I have a fondness for Marvel Comics, especially Spiderman, dating back to my college days. I inherited (and have added to) a collection of ceramic poodle figurines from my mother-in-law. I recently learned that I was in a top-secret experimental elementary school class 50 years ago. I recently met with our teacher from that 1961 - 1962 3rd and 4th grade class, and with several of my classmates.