office skills
    • Business Management
    • Production Management
    • Staff Supervision
    • Graphic Design Production
    • Communication
    • Technology
    • Research
    • Bookkeeping
    • Marketing and Sales

At Cox Violins, every day is different. In addition to managing all aspects of the business, I have become intimately familiar with the inventory (fine violin family instruments), planning itineraries for Mr. Cox and his instruments, photographing the instruments, and showing them from time to time.

At Peter Harris & Associates (PHA), I managed production of all projects; I took responsibility for some of the design production; I supervised free-lance designers and interns, and I was responsible for making sure all projects stayed on course, on deadline and designers stayed on task.

As Office Manager at the Yellow Barn (YB), I was responsible for bookkeeping, communication with board, faculty, participants, and applicants; database management, mailings and research.

As the Managing Partner of Rubber Stamps of America (RSA), I managed all aspects of a manufacturing, retail & wholesale business. I did everything from hands-on manufacturing to hiring and firing, managing artists, developing products, traveling and marketing, and everything in between.

    interpersonal skills
    • Staff Managment
    • Client Communication
    • Mentoring
    • Teaching
    • Ensemble

At PHA, I was responsible for communication with clients, pre-press, and printers and worked closely with designers and interns.

At YB, I worked closely with summer staff, communicated with all parties including faculty, students, applicants, founders, board members and vendors.

At RSA, I managed all aspects of personnel including hiring, salary negotiation, scheduling, dispute negotiation, and productivity. I also dealt with customers sales reps, suppliers and other vendors on a daily basis.

As a violin teacher, I worked with children and adults in groups and individually.

As a member of an orchestra and a chamber music group, I work closely with others and continually strive to improve my listening skills. A musical ensemble cannot function well if all parties do not listen and communicate; a business organization is the same.

    software skills
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Adobe InDesign CC
    • Adobe Photoshop CC
    • Adobe Acrobat Professional
    • Dreamweaver CC
    • Microsoft Access
    • Adobe Illustrator CC
    • Filemaker Pro 12
    • Quickbooks Pro 2015

At Cox Violins, a Mac-based habitat, I have had the opportunity to re-familiarize myself with Filemaker Pro and to learn Quickbooks. I have continued using Adobe Creative Suite and work in CS3. A Windows-based acoustics testing program is also in use; I have provided some support for file management and set-up.

At PHA, I became proficient in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat CS2 as well as Dreamweaver 8. I also used Excel and Word extensively in production management.

At YB I used Excel and Access to manage mailing lists, donor lists, participant and applicant management, and rehearsal planning. I converted AppleWorks database files first to Filemaker Pro and then to Access. I used an Access-based application to manage the box office during the Festival season.

I began using a computer in 1985, before colored monitors, before Windows. Our database at RSA was DBase; we ran it out of a green DOS screen. I used PageMaker for catalog, advertising, and marketing design. I learned Peachtree in the early 90's; previously all bookkeeping had been done "by hand".

I have developed many skills during my 40-plus years in the work place. My first day-jobs (not listed on my resumé) included research assistant for a hospital-based drug study, cashier and peanut-butter packer for two different health-food stores, assistant to a dental assistant, office help at a fancy Beverly Hills wine store.

While in college, I worked as the weekend front desk receptionist and as an illustrator and designer for an educational materials organization.

From 1977-1988 I was a member of the New England Contra Dance Band Applejack. I toured the US and Denmark with the band New England Swing and played regularly with the Tune Police. I have been a proud member of the Turkey Mountain Window Smashers and the Red Fox Session Band and recently of Hidden Drive with Andy and Arthur Davis.